About Us

When it comes to tackling complex industrial engineering challenges, your company needs a partner it can rely on. Ichor Industrial’s team of certified tradesmen and technicians have the skills, knowledge and experience to handle projects of any size across a range of industrial processes and applications.


Ichor Industrial provides custom engineering services to a growing client base.

In 2014, Red Seal-certified millwrights Josh Bere and Jared Stortz combined their respective backgrounds in mechanical engineering and construction to form Ichor Industrial Inc. The company was initially focused on providing millwright services to clients in southwestern Ontario, but Ichor quickly evolved to include a variety of industrial services including computer design, tool and die, metal fabrication, machine building, steam and pipe fitting and process automation. As the company grew, it expanded its service area throughout Ontario and beyond, executing time-critical projects ranging from one day to several months in duration.

Today, Ichor Industrial provides custom engineering services to a growing client base that includes everything from small, regional companies to national and multi-national corporations operating in a variety of market segments including manufacturing, transportation, food processing, utilities and infrastructure and natural resources. Ichor now employs a highly skilled and experienced staff of industrial professionals certified in trades as diverse as millwrighting and rigging, custom metal fabrication and process pipefitting. In just a few short years in operation, Ichor Industrial has become a key partner in helping its clients optimize efficiencies, reduce downtime and maximize profits.

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